Looking to invest your
savings responsibly?

RIAA Certification helps you find a better option.


Are you a financial adviser advising clients on ethical investments and want to your credentials to stand out from the crowd?

Do you have a responsible or ethical investment product that you would like investors to find more easily?

Find out the requirements and what is involved in becoming Certified.

Certification is available for RIAA members to apply as:


  • A Certified Financial Adviser (including certifying as an adviser Financial Adviser Group)
  • A Certified Product (including superfund options, retail or wholesale funds, ETFs, LICs, SMAs, bonds, impact investments, banking products etc.)
  • A Superfund (Whole of Fund) (for an entire superannuation fund that meets leading practice across at least 85% of its portfolio)


Certification criteria are different for each category, and are detailed in the Program Standards.


Certified products, advisers and superfund whole of fund, trade with the Trademark Certification Symbol. The Symbol signifies that a Certified Product:

  • seeks to avoid significant harm
  • makes honest and substantiated sustainability claims
  • has relevant and accessible disclosures including performance, holdings and sustainability outcomes
  • explicitly and systematically accounts for ESG factors
  • is underpinned by reliable and auditable RI strategies and processes.


Issuers of certified products are active stewards with formalised commitments to responsible investing and provide educational information to members and customer.


When used with financial advisers the Symbol signifies that Certified financial advisers meet continuing education outcomes, consider a full range of client interests in the provision of advice and have Certified products on their Approved Product List.


The Symbol enables investors to differentiate responsible investment products and services from other more conventional investment options and advice.

To obtain further information about product certification or to have your product certified, please email certification@responsibleinvestment.org

Important information about the Responsible Investment Certification Program:

The Responsible Investment Certification Program is not designed for the purpose of providing personal financial product or investment advice. The Certification Program is designed to provide information solely on the responsible and ethical investment strategies that apply to each of the Certified investment products for information only.

The information provided by the Certification Program is not a recommendation to invest in any investment products. It does not take into account your particular investment objectives, financial situation or investment needs all of which should be considered prior to making an investment decision. You should seek professional financial advice before making any investment decision.