Where to start?

You can flex your investing muscle across all your finance and investments including superannuation, managed funds, direct investments, as well as your choice of bank and financial adviser.


Here are five steps to get you started:



Everyone’s ethics and values are different so it is important to first decide what issues are most important to you. Are there areas you wouldn’t want to see your money invested in? Or do you prefer to support the most sustainable companies in each industry? There are lots of ways to invest in line with your values.



Where is your money currently invested? Ask your super fund how they ensure your money is invested responsibly. It’s important to let them know that you care how they manage your money.



Do your research. There are now lots of responsible and ethical investment funds, super funds and banking options available and good experience financial advisers who can help you navigate options. There’s bound to be one that meets your needs. See Certified products and Advisers here.



Super is the second biggest investment you’ll ever make after buying your own home. After spending the time reading the product statements and understanding the fees, seek out advice from a Certified Financial Adviser here, or ask your fund manager or super fund to talk you through any elements you are unsure of.



If you’re not happy with your investments, super fund or your bank, it’s time to move to a more responsible option. See our Certified responsible and ethical options here.

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