What is Certification?

RIAA manages the world’s first certification program for providers of responsible investment products and services. Developed  extensive industry consultation, the Responsible Investment Certification Program was driven by investors requests for help in making informed choices regarding investment opportunities that take into account environmental, social, ethical and governance considerations as well as financial returns.


Created in partnership with the NSW Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) and the Victorian Government, the Certification Program aims to promote consistent, standardised disclosure and education about responsible investment.



Display of the Symbol certifies that a Licensee has adopted educational and disclosure practices relevant to their Licence category.


Applicants to licence the Symbol will be assessed pursuant to strict eligibility criteria by RIAA, with independent verification for the category of Fund Manager performed by global chartered accounting firm Grant Thornton.


Designed to act as a navigational tool, the Symbol helps consumers identify products and services that take environmental, social, ethical or governance issues into account which have been certified by RIAA.


The Symbol is intended to make it easier for consumers to compare and contrast investment opportunities and make an informed choice about responsible investment products and services.



To become a certified responsible investment product or service provider, you must meet the strict disclosure requirements relevant to your licence category. You must also agree to make publicly available specific details of your product or service which will in turn help investors make an informed choice. Once you have become certified, you are licensed to use the Certification Symbol to demonstrate this status.




The Certification Symbol is the Registered Trade Mark all certified products and service providers are licensed to use after receiving certification from the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA). The Symbol is owned and managed by RIAA.


The Certification Symbol is designed to encourage informed choice about responsible investment products and services. By definition, the Symbol verifies that a Licensee has met the strict requirements of their licence category.


In turn, the Symbol indicates to investors that they can access information about the Licensee and their services from RIAA’s website.

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