Vijay is a Senior Adviser based in Hobart.


Vijay holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree (Accounting and Corporate Governance) and a Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning, which led me to further studies in the Advising Profession.


Vijay’s experience in the financial profession spans over a decade, beginning in my home state of Tasmania and developing further in New South Wales and the United Kingdom. He has the opportunity to work in financial markets with preeminent hedge funds and investment banks, which has enabled me the opportunity to acquire a specialised understanding of financial planning.


Vijay provides comprehensive advice to my clients as they transition through life and I have an extensive background in portfolio construction and the development of investment strategies. He believes in the importance of getting to know his clients, including their personal goals and objectives, in order to gain a greater understanding of their financial needs. His area of expertise include investments, superannuation and retirement planning.


Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my wife and young son and newborn daughter. He is an avid cricket player and gets great satisfaction from coaching and mentoring junior cricketers.

Contact Information

Contact: Vijay Nandan


Phone: 1300 763 544