Money Matters assists clients to make money and make a difference. It develops, implements and monitors personal investment plans.  Rodger Spiller has an outstanding track record in financial planning and responsible investment (RI), and is one of New Zealand’s most experienced and knowledgeable personal investment practitioners. He has researched in the RI field for over 20 years and holds a PhD in business ethics, investment and responsible business. Rodger was voted Inaugural New Zealand Financial Planner of the Year in 1999. He is New Zealand Director of the Responsible Investment Association Australasia, a Director of Transparency International (NZ) and a Member of the Nominating Committee for the Guardians of the New Zealand Superannuation Fund. He is a former Member of the Securities Commission. Rodger contributed to the book Ethical Investment and Ethical Investor magazine and wrote the Responsible Investment chapter for the book ‘Carbon Neutral by 2020’ (Craig Potton Publishing, November, 2007).


Certification Information

Certification Category:

Financial Adviser

Certification Symbol:

Responsible Investment

Certified Since:



  • Certified Financial Planner
  • PhD in Business Ethics, Investment and Responsible Business
  • Masters of Commerce (First Class Honours)

Financial Adviser Since:


Providing Responsible Investment Advice Since:


  • Investments/Managed Funds


  • AMP Capital Responsible Investment Leaders Balanced Fund
  • AMP Capital Responsible Investment Leaders Global Shares Fund
  • AMP Capital Responsible Investment Leaders NZ Shares Fund
  • ASB FirstChoice Global Sustainability Fund
  • Australian Ethical Smaller Companies Trust
  • Fidelity Ethical Kiwi Trust
  • Grosvenor Socially Responsible Fund
  • Hunter Hall Global Ethical Equities Trust
  • Hunter Hall Global Deep Green Trust
  • ING SIL Sustainable Growth Fund
  • Tyndall Core NZ Equity Fund

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Contact Information

Contact: Dr Rodger Spiller


Phone: +64 9 366 1672


Address: PO Box 250, Shortland Street, Auckland New Zealand