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Increasingly many of our clients, now approaching retirement, have expressed a growing desire to ‘put something back’ and seek to incorporate a range of socially responsible and ethical investments into their portfolio. To help clients do this we can develop a well balanced and diversified investment portfolio that not only takes care of their financial needs, but also allows them to meet what they see as their societal and personal needs. We base our business around the provision of strong financial strategies, incorporating advice on both structural strategies and the placement of funds into appropriate investments.



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Richard Press Certification

Certified by RIAA Since:



Dealer Group:

Hillross Financial Services Ltd



  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Diploma Financial Planning


Financial Adviser Since:



Offering RI Advice Since:



Responsible Investment Services Offered:

  • Superannuation & Retirement Planning
  • Investments


Responsible Investment Products:

  • Alphinity Socially Responsive Share Fund (formerly known as Challenger Socially Responsive Share Fund)
  • AMP Capital Sustainable Share Fund
  • AMP Responsible Investment Leaders Range
  • Australian Ethical Investment + Superannuation
  • BT Wholesale Ethical Share Fund
  • Hunter Hall Global Ethical Trust
  • Perpetual Wholesale Ethical SRI Fund


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