We are an independently owned financial planning and advisory service specialising solely in ethical investment. Appropriate investments are tailored to the individual’s own ethical criteria and investment requirements using research on the ethics of the investments.  Ethical Investment Advisers Pty Ltd has an unrestricted dealers license and is a principal member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia.  Louise Edkins advises on options for investment with social and environmental responsibility. This includes: 21 years industry experience; fee for service advice with commissions rebated; ethical superannuation and rollovers (self managed super, corporate and personal); direct share investment and ethical managed funds; and ongoing investment management and ethical research.


Certification Information

Certification Category:

Financial Adviser

Certification Symbol:

Ethical Investment

Certified Since:



  • Certified Financial Planner

Financial Adviser Since:


Providing Responsible Investment Advice Since:


  • Superannuation & Retirement Planning
  • Investments
  • Direct Shares


  • Australian Ethical Balanced Trust
  • Australian Ethical Smaller Companies Trust
  • Australian Ethical Larger Companies Trust
  • Australian Ethical Income Trust
  • Australian Ethical International Equities Trust
  • Australian Ethical Property Trust
  • Ethical Investment Advisers SMA
  • Generation (W) Global Share Fund
  • Generation Wholesale Global Share Fund
  • Hunter Hall Global Deep Green Trust
  • Hunter Hall Global Ethical Trust
  • Hunter Hall Value Growth Trust
  • Impax Environmental Global
  • Perpetual Wholesale Ethical SRI Fund


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Contact Information

 Contact: Louise Edkins

Email: louise@ethicalinvestment.com.au

Phone: 07 3367 3332

Website: www.ethicalinvestment.com.au

Address: PO Box 623, Paddington Qld 4064