I am a Certified Financial Planner and have been in professional practice since 1999.  With a Bachelor of Commerce and a varied career history spanning insurance, retail management, sporting event management and financial planning,  I have enjoyed many life experiences leading me to my personal desire for a more ethical and sustainable way of living and investing. Our small practice provides a full range of financial planning services under a fee for service model. Our aim is to help people achieve their financial and life goals within the ethical and sustainable parameters they set. I look forward to helping provide you with “financial solutions for your future”.


Certification Information

Certification Category:

Financial Adviser

Certification Symbol:

Responsible Investment

Certified Since:



  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Diploma of Financial Planning

Financial Adviser Since:


Providing Responsible Investment Advice Since:


  • Superannuation & Retirement Planning
  • Investments
  • Direct Shares
  • Insurance
  • AMP Capital Sustainable Share Fund
  • AMP Responsible Investment Leaders Balanced Fund
  • AMP Responsible Investment Leaders Conservative Fund
  • AMP Responsible Investment Leaders Growth Fund
  • AMP Responsible Investment Leaders Australian Share Fund
  • AMP Responsible Investment Leaders International Share Fund
  • Australian Ethical Balanced Trust
  • Australian Ethical Smaller Companies Trust
  • Australian Ethical Larger Companies Trust
  • Australian Ethical Income Trust
  • Australian Ethical International Equities Trust
  • Australian Ethical Property Trust
  • Hunter Hall Global Ethical Trust
  • Perpetual Wholesale Ethical SRI Fund

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Contact Information

Contact: Lisa Farnell


Phone: 08 9964 9000


Address: 289 Marine Terrace (PO Box 7205) Geraldton WA 6531