At Koda Capital we are taking an innovative approach to private wealth management – an approach that puts client needs first.


We are proud to be pioneers, offering professional services that are unencumbered by pre-existing ownership structures and practices. Our sole focus is giving our clients tailored financial solutions that are well-informed, independent, and transparent.


Providing clients with excellent outcomes


Our holistic and cohesive service offering is designed specifically to address the four key areas that are critical for effective wealth management and stewardship for wealthy families, non-profits and philanthropic foundations: financial strategy, investment strategy, philanthropy and family leadership.


Providing comprehensive institutional-grade investment advice tailored to the needs of our clients is Koda’s core business. Our service model, capability and client outcomes have been recognised as market-leading, with the Australian Financial Review’s Smart Investor Blue Ribbon Awards recently anointing Koda as Australia’s Best Private Wealth Manager.  We advise on more than $3.2bn in assets and are deliberately designed as a boutique to ensure that clients receive personalised service from experienced partners.


Commitment to Clients


Our Commitment to Clients highlights what we stand for as a business and following it ensures we deliver on our promise of being independent – our promise to our clients, to the profession, and to ourselves.


  1. We will always be independent and free from conflicts of interest that affect our advice.
  2. We will always put our clients’ best interests first – across the full range of investment, execution and advice services we provide.
  3. We will agree, in writing, the services we will provide and deliver those services to the standards we promise. Our clients will have access to the best solutions available – not just a list of products restricted by commercial interests.
  4. We will only earn fees which are paid directly and transparently by our clients, and if we were to receive any commissions they will be fully rebated to our clients for their benefit.  We will detail the basis on which the fees are charged and will discuss them with clients at any time. Clients have – and will always have – full discretion to choose the type of fee structure that works best for them: be that on a fee for service basis, transaction basis, or asset basis. We believe that as advisers we should be rewarded according to the quality of advice and services we provide, not by our ability to promote specific products.


Responsible investing


Ethical values are an important consideration for many of Koda’s clients, however we appreciate that ethical values are very personal and for this reason Koda does not prescribe a single ethical investment approach.  We work with each client to design policies and portfolios that reflect their specific values, priorities and needs, including negative screens, positive screens and impact investments as appropriate.


Environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects of investments are increasingly being used for bottom line financial reasons as much as ethical reasons, and as a result it is becoming more common for them to be incorporated into investment processes by fund managers. Importantly, embracing the concept of ethical and responsible investing does not require compromising financial outcomes.  The majority of the investment managers and strategies we use in client portfolios genuinely integrate ESG considerations into their investment process and most have a formal ESG policy.

Contact Information

 Contact: Farren Williams

Email: farren.williams@kodacapital.com

Phone: 03 9909 2605

Website: kodacapital.com

Address: Level 15 385 Bourke Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Certification Information

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Financial Adviser

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Responsible Investment

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Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Laws
Diploma of Financial Planning

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Providing Responsible Investment Advice Since:


  • Superannuation and Retirement Planning
  • Investments/Managed Funds

Bendigo Bank Smart Options super and investment includes: Australian Ethical Australian Shares Fund (Wholesale) – AUG0018AU

  • Australian Ethical Australian Shares Fund
  • Australian Ethical Balanced Fund
  • Australian Ethical Diversified Shares Fund (Wholesale)
  • CFS FirstChoice Wholesale
  • Generation Wholesale Global Share
  • BT Wholesale Property Securities Fund
  • Australian Unity Funds Management Ltd – Altius Sustainable Bond Fund
  • Bendigo Bank Cash Account
  • Perpetual Wholesale Ethical SRI Fund

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