Benedicte Delaval



Benedicte has been a financial planner at MAP Wealth, Geelong since 2014. MAP advises clients around superannuation, investments, retirement, insurance and debt management. MAP’s focus is to help clients take control of their finances, focus on the goals that matter to them most, and achieve peace of mind knowing they are prepared for the future.


Benedicte completed a Bachelor of Economics and the Australian National University in 2012. She is passionate about addressing global social and environmental problems, and believes that ethical investment can have a significant positive impact on corporate behavior. Benedicte is committed to educating clients on how their investments can align with their values, without compromising their bottom line.



Contact: Benedicte (Beni) Delaval


Phone: 03 5229 0200


Address: 60 Sydney Pde, Geelong VIC 3220