Community Sector Banking is Australia’s specialist banking service for not-for-profit organisations.


We’ve been providing not-for-profit organisations with tailored banking solutions since 2002, when Community 21 (a consortium of leading community organisations) and Bendigo Bank joined forces to create Community Sector Banking.


Our shareholders collaborate closely: Bendigo Bank provides use of their branches, financial licenses and high level governance support, while Community 21 supplies in-depth knowledge of, and access to, the not-for-profit community sector and its unique challenges and opportunities.


Our banking products and services are designed with and delivered to the not-for-profit sector, to simplify the banking process and enable them to focus on what’s important for their organisation.


Today, we are proud to assist over 13,000 not-for-profit customers achieve their mission.


We are passionate about social change and finding real community solutions. Driven by this unique goal, our banking service proudly remains one of a kind in Australia.



Contact: Scott Elkington

Email: customerservice@csbanking.com.au

Phone: 1300 CSBANK (1300 272 265)

Website: communitysectorbanking.com.au

Address: Suites 5 & 6, Ground Level, Enterprise 1, Innovation Campus, Squires Way, North Wollongong, NSW 2500

Postal Address: PO Box 585, Corrimal NSW 2518


Social Investment Deposit Account (SIDA)

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Our Social Investment Deposit Account is a product giving back to communities and empowering customers to create social change. At first glance the Social Investment Deposit Account is a simple deposit account. But the difference is that Community Sector Banking donates 50% of our net profits from these accounts, and account holders can choose to donate up to 100% of the interest they earn, towards social projects and community organisations through our Social Investment Grants Program.


Aimed at community minded individuals and organisations looking for an account that contributes to social change, the Social Investment Deposit Account is convenient and safe, and account savings make a real difference supporting Australian communities.

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