Founded in 2001, DNR Capital is an Australian investment management company that delivers client-focused, quality, investment solutions to institutions, advisers and individual investors. Rated by both institutional and retail asset consultants for our specialist expertise in managing Australian equities, we have a strong track record of delivering on our investment philosophy of identifying and investing in quality companies for the medium-to-long term.


Our rigorous investment process has been proven over various market cycles and demonstrates a track record of delivering strong investment performance for our clients. Our commitment to our clients goes beyond investment performance. We deliver quality client service through openness and transparency, regularly sharing insights behind our investment decisions, market views and portfolio strategy.


DNR Capital is employee-owned and we invest alongside our clients. This ensures we have a strong alignment with our clients’ needs and interests.



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Australian Equities Socially Responsible Portfolio

Certification Category

Asset Manager


Certification Symbol

Responsible Investment


Certified Since



Investment Approach

Screening (negative); ESG Integration



  • Pornography
  • Gaming
  • Armaments
  • Tobacco

Responsible Investment Methodology



DNR Capital’s Socially Responsible portfolio avoids investment in companies that are judged to have a direct involvement in pornography, gambling, armaments and tobacco.  We form a judgment as to whether or not the activity in question forms a direct or core part of the business.  By “direct” or “core” we mean that the company is involved in the manufacture, supply or distribution of the product or the provision of the service.



More specifically:


  • Direct – Production, distribution and sale of pornography as a core business
  • Indirect – Supply of pornography not part of core business (eg Newsagency)


  • Direct – Core business of owning or operating a gaming related business or manufacture and supply of gaming equipment and systems.
  • Indirect – Servicing gaming equipment and systems or owning/operating a gaming-related business such as a non-core activity.


  • Direct – Supply and distribution of weapons components to Defence Forces or any other business/individual.
  • Indirect – Manufacture or sale of non-weapon equipment, infrastructure, IT, communication services, transport or logistics or maintenance services to Defence Forces etc.


  • Direct – Manufacture and distribution of tobacco-related products.
  • Indirect – Sale of tobacco-related products as a non-core business or Packaging of tobacco-related products as a non-core business.

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