14 Jul Responsible Investing Reaches All Time High

Yesterday’s launch of the responsible investment sector’s annual benchmarking report shows responsible investment has almost doubled in 2 years. The 2016 Responsible Investment Benchmark Report by the Responsible Investment Association of Australia (RIAA) found that core responsible investment has grown by 62% in one year and is now...


11 Apr So, what exactly is the purpose of superannuation?

This was the question The Treasury sought views on last week, with the intention of enshrining this purpose in legislation to finally create clarity 24 years after the introduction of the compulsory Superannuation Guarantee. The obvious response to this question is that the purpose of super...


01 Mar Welcome to the RIAA Blog

Welcome to the RIAA blog, where you’ll find regular updates and interesting views on responsible and ethical investment issues, insights into the market, explainers on key issues and developments, summaries of events, discussions of trends, commentary on topical news and so much more. You can follow...